Comparison / Differences Between Real estate Consultancy and Real estate Agent.

Real estate consultancy Vs Real estate Agents.

  • Consultancy use their personal contacts around the world to make reservations.
  • Agents use a GDS to book trips
  • The consultancy is rarely an order-taker and most often is a part of collaborative decision process.
  • Agents are adept at finding clients what they want 
  • Consultancy works directly with the hotel’s executive team to secure a personalised stay with proper amenities
  • Agents make hotel reservations through a computer system
  • Consultants provide a variety of services to different types of clients
  • A real agent may be a buyer’s agent , a seller’s agent, or in some case both.  
  • Consultancy directly speaks to the executive management of the property
  • A seller’s agent is also called as listing agent, list the property and manage  the offer from prospective buyers 
  • Consultant’s objectives can vary greatly depending on your specific situation
  • A real estate agent has one objective: to help their clients buy or sell a property
  • Consultancy works on an hourly or flat fee basis,which allows them to make honest recommendations that are free from biases
  • Most agents works toward the potential commission they could earn from given sale 
  • Consultant can give you valuable insight on the value of an intended purchase as well as the value and stability of the local housing market
  • Agents works on behalf of the buyer or the seller and take their commission 

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