” Some people look for a beautiful place.

But we make a place beautiful.”

About Us

With over 20 years of experience in the Real Estate industry, we understand the pulse of the industry and the right investment the investors can make to get favorable returns on investment.

With the growing demand for real estate, the important part also involves making sure the real estate is clear of all issue and carries a clear title. Our team ensures they have all the records in order for our customer.

Our consultation involves

  1. Lease and Rentals of residential apartments, villas and private bungalows
  2. Lease and Rentals of commercial premises
  3. Sale & Purchase of residential properties
  4. Sale & Purchase of commercial properties
  5. Sale & Purchase of Land
  6. Legal work for sale or purchase of properties
  7. Architectural designing of apartments/villas/commercial properties
  8. Construction of apartments, villas, bungalows, commercial premises
  9. All government related work with regards to real estate.

SWIS Real Estate is a place where you can consult and get solutions for your Real Estate option under one roof.

We will list down the advantages of the real estate that a client requires, and also priority will be given for our clients opinions.

We also deals with each and every queries that a client has. The working strategy of SWIS Real Estate is when client approaches us, firstly we listen to client’s wish, what all he wants to do with the real estate.

We will work as a real estate consultancy with entire set-up from A to Z of the real estate without any risk factors in your investment on real estate with proper documents. The Tri-party agreement with all parties with proper registration and stamp duty, and all the bank related work will be like we work as bank generate, LC and joint a/c.

The strength of SWIS Real Estate is that it is qualified with ample of groups working with highly qualified and experienced professionals with all the sectors like MBA in marketing, MBA in finance, BBA, IIT and also with the support of Architects, Advocates, CA’s and the Engineers.

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